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  • US cosmetics industry continues to change!

US cosmetics industry continues to change! - Bonne News

US cosmetics industry continues to change due to post-pandemic and carbon neutrality


Packaging that considers clean beauty and the environment


Amid the global pandemic of infectious diseases, changes in the global trend regarding carbon neutrality are changing the US cosmetics industry. According to KOTRA, the New York Trade Center in the United States, in the US beauty market, the meaning of clean is expanding to the environment and human rights such as sustainability, ethical manufacturing, and distribution, and minimalist beauty is establishing itself as a trend.


For many years, the main keyword in the cosmetics industry has been ‘Clean Beauty’. Currently, it is more mixed with the meaning of 'Natural' and has various effects by product and brand. In the past, Clean Beauty was about excluding harmful ingredients, but now the meaning has been expanded to ‘sustainability, ethical manufacturing, and distribution, and it has become a meaning to include the environment and human rights fields.


The biggest change in environmental issues in the cosmetics industry is in 'packaging'. Products made from recyclable materials or refillable are becoming an essential trend.


Skinimalism's beauty trend and the post-corona era of same-day delivery


The skinimalism trend that has blown into the beauty market right after Corona 19 is expected to continue this year. Skinimalism is a compound word for Skin and Minimalism, and it means to select products that can maximize the expected effect with the minimum number of products. It is to minimize the time and cost of skincare and makeup by reducing the number of cosmetic products.


In online social media, makeup content that reduces the skincare stage to about three stages is trending. Skinimalism, which reflects the concept of reducing environmental pollution and giving rest to the skin, also contributed to unemployment and economic uncertainty caused by the infectious disease pandemic.


Hybrid cosmetics that can be achieved with one product rather than care through multiple products are expected to receive attention this year as well.


In addition, as the online market exploded due to the infectious disease pandemic, each logistics company set up fast delivery and same-day delivery as essential strategies. As the demand in the offline market decreases and the demand in the online market increases, immediate delivery has become a necessity. Consumers have become a society where they can experience cosmetics through a virtual meta-universe through digital twins and order and receive them immediately.

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