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  • What Are Consumers’ Needs?

What Are Consumers’ Needs? - Bonne News

2022 Beauty Trend Keyword ‘REALME’, What Are Consumers’ Needs?

| All-in-one care considering even the details of the skin


The trend of 'MEconomy', which shows consumption trends that suits them rather than following trends, is gaining popularity. According to these changes, the beauty industry is also showing movements that reflect customer needs.


The keyword for 2022 selected by Coupang's Beauty Data Lab based on big data is 'R.E.A.L.M.E'.


Troubleshooter (R), Mom-Anti-Aging (E), Smart borest (A), A person who routinely moisturizes (L), Lash Grooming Group (M), Borderless Shopper (E)


R (Revolutionary instant repair with Trouble Shooter)'s 'Trouble Shooter' reflects the needs of customers who want an immediate effect of relieving skin condition.


E (Exceptional obligation to anti-aging) ‘Mom-anti-aging’ is a more detailed keyword in anti-aging.


A (Amazing skip-care and midnight ritual for the lazies) ‘Smart borest’ reflects the needs of customers who want to maximize the use of time in busy daily life and maximize skin condition.


L (Lusciously soft around-the-clock moisturizer) ‘A person who routinely moisturizes’ is a keyword that contains the wishes of customers who want to maintain moisture for a long time through N-th moisturizing.


M (Maximum devotion to volume lashes) ‘Lash grooming people’ emerged as a popular makeup method that emphasizes the eyes, especially the eyelashes, which are exposed areas rather than the areas covered by wearing a mask.


E (Evolutional shopping without boundaries) A ​​“borderless shopper” refers to customers who show various consumption patterns in relationships with products, products, and customers and channels.


Predicting trends through keyword search volume and examining actual demand is as follows.



Among beauty industry products, the number of brand searches for collaboration products is increasing. In addition, keyword searches for products such as whitening, freckle, wrinkle care, skin pad, stick balm, all-in-one, and sun cushion are increasing.


As senior customers entered the online market, the search volume for keywords related to them increased, and the number of searches for skincare products that can utilize sleep time increased. As a new beauty trend, keywords related to eyelashes such as eyelash essence, artificial eyelashes, and mascara have also become a new beauty trend during the COVID-19 pandemic.


An official from Coupang Beauty Data Lab said, "Online research shows that consumers tend to keep moisturizing even to the finer details of their body and face."


Compared to consumers before the corona pandemic, consumers in the post-corona era show a tendency to prefer customized products that can thoroughly moisturize even the smallest details of the skin.


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