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  • What are the consumer trends?

What are the consumer trends? - Bonne News

When moisturizing and nutritious products are essential, what are the consumer trends?


Winter, the harsh season for skin health, has arrived. As always, sharp winds and dry weather take away moisture and nutrients from the skin. As the skin's oil-water balance is disrupted, symptoms such as tightness, dead skin cells, and itching occur, and in severe cases, cracks may occur. Therefore, more and more consumers are looking for these products to replenish moisture and nutrients.


According to the Beautynuri Cosmetics Newspaper, a company specializing in trend analysis, as a result of analyzing the communication keywords for new and renewal brands in December 2021, there are three main keywords that cosmetic brands have used intensively recently.


#Nutrition #Moisture #Environment.


Consumers are looking for high-nutrition and high-moisturizing products suitable for their skin condition due to dry skin. In this regard, Real Barrier's Extreme Line, L'Occitane's Immortelle Precious Line, and Dalba's White Truffle Line are attracting attention as moisturizing layering items.


In addition, eco-friendly and vegan products are continuously introduced in the industry according to the importance of value consumption considering the environment for consumers in product selection. By launching a variety of vegan products, from basic products and color products to cleansing and hair dye, is targeting the changing consumer needs. In addition, it is expected that products considering the refill station will be activated in the future.


As ESG management related to carbon neutrality is emerging worldwide, a culture of using refillable products in consideration of the environment is expected to be established.


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