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Powder cosmetics! - Bonne News

Powder cosmetics and hygiene products considering the global environment. What are the trends of pioneers?


With the rise of zero carbon in Europe, the global trend is discussing how to achieve carbon neutrality. As part of this discussion, various measures are being prepared for Zero Waste in the beauty industry.


Loose or compact powders are emerging to reconstitute and store liquid products. Loose powder has the advantage of dissolving in water more quickly than powder in its dense form. However, experts say loose powder needs a preservative to become a liquid hygiene product that can be diluted and stored. JU shower gel is also a worthwhile solution. Scented with cotton, orange blossom, vanilla, or almond, JU Shower Gel easily blends the fluid powder to create a product that can be used by people from all walks of life. In the case of containers and packaging, they are packaged in paper and recyclable plastic film and can be stored for up to 3 years.


When it comes to environmentally conscious trends, says Normandy-based health and beauty expert Laboratoires Gilbert, It's just the beginning of a trend, so no brand is yet to lead this market. He goes on to say that there are still several restrictions on the manufacture and supply of powdered powders. In terms of formulation, the choice of solid surfactants is limited and unsuitable to meet skin tolerance criteria. In addition, on the production side, the volatility of the powder makes packaging difficult and some mixtures are explosive inhalation and skin contact.


Despite these limitations, the French Step One brand, which exports the most to the Nordic countries, is developing and supplying powder that can be diluted in glass bottles and refills in PLA cartons based on its technology. In addition, Lessonia, a powder company, is also researching mixture, particle size, density, long-wear, etc. through packaging machines for powder cosmetics.


In the transition period of powder cosmetics/hygiene products, companies that catch the tread and prepare are expected to dominate the future.


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