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  • Skincare Trends in 2022

Skincare Trends in 2022 - Bonne News

Skincare Trends in 2022


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#Fermented Skin Care  #Biotic Skin Care


The eminent dermatologist Shari Marchbein. M.D. mentions the risks of abuse and recommends Microdosing, stating that the optimal concentration and combination of ingredients will yield the strongest results.

Another dermatologist, Marisa garshick M.D., says ongoing research into fermented skincare is needed. The microdose trend continues to protect the skin barrier before dryness, flaking, and redness destroy the skin. Ceramides, fatty acids, and niacinamide are very helpful in protecting the skin barrier. Also, it's important to be aware of exposure to blue light to prevent aging, that this also happens with digital devices, and to apply sunscreen regularly to your skin.


Recognizing this importance, R&D for multi-tasking hybrid products and minimal skincare should be conducted in the skin industry. In addition, taking into account the microbiome involved in healthy skin, we need to supply more skincare products made up of pre-, pro-and postbiotics, and in the case of packaging, introduce refillable packaging with sustainable packaging.


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