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  • Makeup Trends in 2022

Makeup Trends in 2022 - Bonne News

Makeup Trends in 2022


The online market has developed further due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, photos and videos seen on social media rather than on the street led to the beauty industry trend in 2021, and experts predict that 2022 will be similar.


We introduce the trends that will dominate the trends in 2022.

Trend Watch: A Luminous Look, Soap Brows1, Bold Blush, Minimal Foundation and Concealer, Colored Eyeliner, Dark Lip Liner, Bright Pink Lipstick,  Pastel & Matte Eyeshadow, Barely-There Foundation, Dewy Highlighter, A Pop of Glitter


When you wake up in the morning, read the sentences below before going out and doing your makeup.

A shimmering brilliance all over the face can add a subtle glamor to any makeup look. Also, in 2022, just like last year, natural feathery eyebrows that look soft will lead the trend. The peachy coral color to revitalize the face is gorgeous and undoubtedly. According to TikTok and other social media beauty worlds, these days, use fewer under-eye products and blend concealer and angle makeup brushes for a more natural look. 


Pastel colors, including green eyeliner, are a bold and perfect choice. Dark browns paired with nude tinted lipsticks or gloss will be trending. The lipstick Roses, fuchsia, and magenta will be in full bloom. The pastel and matte combination is a true classic and you should keep an eye on eyeshadows that fall into this category this year.


Colored moisturizers and light foundations will lead the trend. Adding a little dewy highlighter over your cheeks is a surefire way to subtly enhance your glam. Finally, a subtle glitter pop layered on top of a striking eyeshadow will be a great addition to your long outings.


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