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  • 4 interesting things about skincare - 2 -

4 interesting things about skincare  - 2 - - Bonne News

 4 interesting things about skincare  - 2 -


Covid-19 Pandemic Strengthens Confidence and Confidence in Science

With the Covid-19 pandemic, as global citizens, we are re-awakening how important it is to have confidence in science and predict the future, says Janet pardo, SVP of Clinique. He says we all need to be concerned about our changing environment. Varga says you need to be aware of how increased blue light exposure affects skin damage, how blue light plays a role in aging, and why skincare is so important, says Varga. Therefore, she predicts that in the future, consumers will increase their demand for multifunctional skin care “skin screens”.


Total transparency as to whether it actually works

The question consumers ask, Rosier says, is, “Does the ingredients really help my skin health, and what are the long-term benefits?” “Consumers expect immediate results,” said Jennifer Palmer, brand's vice president of global skincare product development, Estee Lauder. focus on the relationship.” “Open, transparent and honest communication is the future of skincare that will lead to better product development and consumption,” she says.


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