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  • 4 interesting things about skincare - 1 -

4 interesting things about skincare  - 1 - - Bonne News

 4 interesting things about skincare  - 1 -


The future of skincare that did not take into account infectious diseases was “technology”. However, in the midst of a global pandemic, current experts predict that “the future of skin care, taking into account the times and situational variables, is self-care and transparency along with technology.” In this regard, we present four interesting situations.


“Skin health, an era of necessity, not luxury” medical benefits

Many experts say that skincare as a skin health is important.

Charles Rosier, co-founder and CEO of Augustinus Bader, has mentioned skin health several times, and Victoria Campbell, general manager of Murad Skincare UK, said that skin health is considered a necessity rather than a luxury. In addition, Clare Varga, head of beauty at WGSN, predicted that hygienic products will dominate as skin health becomes more important in skin care. Already with airless bottles and disposable microneedle tips, skinesis leads the way with packaging that minimizes contamination.


 Anti-aging, “prevention rather than cure” tech boom

 Sales of skincare devices for home use are skyrocketing as technology previously seen only in clinical settings is adopted for personal use. Beauty expert Shani Darden says “prevention rather than cure” is a great way to fight aging. “Preventing skin health problems before they get treatment is cost-effective and time-consuming,” she says. Similarly, June Jensen, managing director of the NPD Group, citing Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair (ANR), a best-selling cult serum reimagined with the latest technology, suggests that pushing the boundaries of science is not only forward-looking, but also key.


... To be continued


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