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  • These Are the Biggest Makeup Trends of 2022  - 2 -

These Are the Biggest Makeup Trends of 2022  - 2 - - Bonne News

These Are the Biggest Makeup Trends of 2022  - 2 -


The future makeup trends can be considered in six major categories.
- Light, Luminous Bases
- Throwback Lip Looks
- Statement Eyes
- Purple Blush
- Offbeat Brows
- Stick Formulas


Statement Eyes
The euphoria effect continues. Both Lavonne and Napoli have named flashy eye makeup looks (colorful, glitter or graphic) as big trends to watch out or next year. Bold eye makeup has taken over the trend during various recent fashion weeks.

Purple Blush
We caught a lot of influencers wearing purple blush-like makeup on the world-leading video TIKTOK platform. Cream and powder formulations in  shades of plum, purple and lavender are trending across the app with their whimsical vibe. Purple is usually the new pink. Experts predict that in 2022, purple-tone makeup will also dominate.

Offbeat Brows
There have been quite a few interesting eyebrow trends this year, such as bleached eyebrows, eyebrow slits, and tinted eyebrows, but the most enduring ones are undoubtedly the disco eyebrows. Disco Brows are soapy brows mixed in with a little pigment and are so popular that beauty brands like Halsey's About-Face have made exclusive products for them. Colorful disco eyebrows will lead the trend in 2022 with a glamorous and confident texture.

Stick Formulas
Just as various products applied to the body have changed into stick-type products, so is makeup. Industry expert Napoli said, “People are looking for the fastest makeup solution.” Pixi by Petra's latest cream blush, On Glow, for example, is a hit, available in three fresh shades in the form of a twist-up stick for beginners to makeup or those doing casual makeup. You can predict the makeup trends for 2022 from the above six categories. Now, the life of meeting people online has become a daily routine, and it is analyzed that the trend of making-up in a shorter time will lead the market next year.


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