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  • These Are the Biggest Makeup Trends of 2022 - 1 -

These Are the Biggest Makeup Trends of 2022  - 1 - - Bonne News

These Are the Biggest Makeup Trends of 2022  - 1 -

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, makeup trends have changed significantly. With things more normal than we've had them in the past couple of years, folks are flocking to makeup with texture, shine, and bold color in rebellion of makeup-free at-home life. Solutions with the greatest impact with the least amount of effort will become a trend.

The future makeup trends can be considered in six major categories.

- Light, Luminous Bases
- Throwback Lip Looks

- Statement Eyes
- Purple Blush
- Offbeat Brows
- Stick Formulas


< Light, Luminous Bases >

Makeup artist Tommy Napoli claims that skinimalism will continue in 2022. Similarly, industry expert Delina Medhin says, "In general, it's a trend for people to wear less makeup." And they predict that no one wants to return to the world of blending full coverage foundation in 10 minutes, and would prefer products that are easy to apply and much more comfortable, like the Estee Lauder Double Wear Sheer Long Wear Makeup.

Also, if you check out John Richmond's makeup at Milan Fashion Week, you'll notice that she's done her makeup with a "shiny" finish that's neither matte nor dolphin-smooth. In line with the theme of natural makeup, people are constantly looking for products that help skin such as UV protection, moisture supply, and oil control, and it is predicted that they will prefer a soft glow like a candle.


< Throwback Lip Looks >

Experts predict that when it comes to lipstick, it will change to the fashionable style of the past 1990s. Lavonne adds that lip gloss and other smooth lipstick formulations will also continue to be preferred over matte lipsticks. In that regard, the glossy rich brown lipstick worn by every supermodel of the '90s will make a comeback in 2022 as well. When it comes to lipsticks, this return to the past is "because it's the right shape for a skinimalist," experts predict.


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