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  • Virtual makeup try-ons are now possible for Instagram Shopping

Virtual makeup try-ons are now possible for Instagram Shopping - Bonne News

The global online market has exploded in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Competitiveness in the online market has become more realistic companies and products, and as a result, some brands of Instagram, which have become an essential element of online cosmetic shopping, have been able to try on through the augmented reality platform.


This small technological feat is made possible thanks to the partnership between L'Oréal and Facebook through augmented reality companies and platforms ModiFace and Spark AR.


“AR Try-On is a new and exciting initiative within Facebook that is already helping people shop online with more confidence. This new integration with L'Oréal allows shoppers to get more from more of the brands they love. You can expect a lot of individual shopping experiences, and they're already looking for beauty inspiration on Instagram," explains Sue Young, head of AR at Spark at Facebook.


As the era of On-Tact has been activated due to Un-Tack, things that can be experienced in offline stores are now available on the online platform. A society has arrived in which the provision of such services is regarded as a competitive edge of a company.

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