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  • Skin-Care Microdosing Might Be the Solution to Your Skin Sensitivity

Skin-Care Microdosing Might Be the Solution to Your Skin Sensitivity - Bonne News

From the past to the present, discussions about various skin improvements, from wrinkles on the skin as aging progresses, are under study. Currently, active skin care ingredients are used to address wrinkles and improve overall skin texture, but experts say these methods are not ultimately for the skin.


According to experts, retinol and alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) provide unparalleled results in improving wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and overall skin texture, but many people just can't stand it, especially at the higher intensity. Additionally, excessive use of active skin care ingredients puts you at risk for less than stellar side effects such as redness, swelling, and peeling.


To ameliorate this risk, skin care micro-dosing of skin care micro-dosing provides a viable solution without drawbacks.


The solution is skin care microdosing.


Microdosing sounds like a trick given its origins, but it serves its purpose. True believers who self-medicate their mental health with low doses of LSD and psilocybin mushrooms do not report a complete 'high', but instead notice improvements in anxiety, sleep and creativity.


When applied to active skin care ingredients, microdose means that you can benefit from these ingredients without the risk of irritation by using low concentrations instead of as high as possible. The strategy is simple. These smaller, ultra-precise doses are more tolerable, so even menacing ingredients like retinol can be applied daily without straining the skin.


Regarding this, Gohara says, “The benefit of skin care microdosing is that low doses actually provide results,” and “It is definitely better to use only a little of the skin care active than to not use it at all.”


Also, remember that ingredients work best when applied consistently. “Using a product that your skin can tolerate on a daily basis is key to successful results, rather than stopping and starting,” says Zeichner.


If you have sensitive skin or have never used active skin care ingredients, microdosing is a smart move. However, there is one caveat. “You may have to adjust your expectations,” warns Gohara. He warns that while microdosing is effective, it may not noticeably minimize fine lines or even out skin tone to the same extent as full dosing. Also, there are things to be careful about in terms of ingredients. Of course, not all skincare ingredients are suitable for microdosing. "The biggest benefits of this approach include retinol, retinoids, vitamin C, and exfoliating acids (including glycolic, lactic, azelaic, and salicylic acids), which are more prone to overdosing and more likely to cause irritation," said Board Certified Dermatologist. Specialist Dendy says:


But with contamination and product overload on the rise for sensitive skin problems, slow and steady really wins the race.

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