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  • [Waste-free Beauty] : Sustainable Ingredient & Formulation Advancements

[Waste-free Beauty] : Sustainable Ingredient & Formulation Advancements - Bonne News

The upcycling concept for beauty ingredients in 2021 is an evolution through biodegradable technology as a clean alternative to conventional ingredients. Sustainability and sustainable packaging strategies and sales shape the development pipeline. According to Siltech, Silmer Sustain-H not only represents the general performance benefits of silicone elastomer gels, but also offers the added feature of improved sustainability. The product is designed to provide a cushioning, moisturizing, silky and smooth feel to skin and sun care products.

It also provides uniform color development and powder dispersion during makeup. And it is reported to last slightly longer on the skin than conventional elastomeric gels provided on carriers such as cyclopentasiloxane or isododecane.

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