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  • Beauty Business in 2023

Beauty Business in 2023 - Bonne News

Beauty business in 2023: ‘complete transparency will be non-negotiable’,says WGSN

WGSN's Beauty Director predicts that the only type of beauty brand that will succeed in 2023 will be those that care about the environment. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has revolutionized beauty consumption over the past year and has shaped the very essence of what brands and retailers have to offer consumers today.

Therefore, WGSN has cited ‘Progress for Progress’ as one of the five ‘big ideas’ that will define beauty consumption in 2023, working for environmental and social benefits.


Strive for ‘more ethical, more inclusive and sustainable’ beauty

When it comes to beauty, she said, future product development should focus on processes created by processes that heal the world, increase biodiversity, and leave no footprints. These processes, she said, are being driven by economic constraints and environmental concerns related to COVID-19. Amid the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, where safety fears have soared among consumers, we have highlighted blockchain technology critical to the beauty industry.


Blockchain technology will become a blueprint, she said, and only a direction that takes the planet's environment into account remains a challenge for the future, she said.

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