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  • Effects of cosmetic ingredients on the environment and ecosystem

Effects of cosmetic ingredients on the environment and ecosystem - Bonne News

Many cosmetic chemicals do not decompose in our ecosystem.

When water evaporates into the atmosphere, it accumulates again as clouds, then liquefies again and returns to Earth as rain, polluting the soil with toxic chemicals


Consider the impact of toxicity on the environment and ecosystem when cleaning cosmetics with chemical ingredients.

• Declining zooplankton populations.

• Changes in behavior and death of aquatic life.

• BHA and BHT cause death in fish and shellfish.

• BHA and BHT cause genetic mutations in amphibians.

• Sodium Laureth Sulfate changes fish behavior and increases mortality.

• Dioxane kills insects.

• Diethanolamine (DEA) accumulates in the environment and reacts with nitrates to form nitrosamines, which are highly carcinogenic to human and animal life.

• DEA is fatally toxic to amphibians, crustaceans, fish, nematodes, flatworms and zooplankton.

• Livestock exposed to soil chemicals can develop reproductive problems and cancer.


Not only do 70% of cosmetics end up in unfinished landfills, but a significant proportion of discarded plastics end up in the ocean.

Not only can this result in the death and harm of marine life, but microscopic bacteria attach to the plastic and create its own ecosystem.

The plastic can then travel with these bacteria and travel to the other side of the world, contaminating other countries with disease.

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