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  • “Streaming Beauty” started from a streaming lifestyle

“Streaming Beauty” started from a streaming lifestyle - Bonne News

# Streaming Beauty 
'Streaming' refers to a technology that plays music or video over a network, as opposed to downloading and listening to music files. #StreamingBeauty, which refers to experiencing in an experiential space without purchasing or owning a product, or subscribing to beauty products with expert recommendations, is becoming a trend.

As the number of consumers 'Try-Sumers' who decide to purchase in consideration of the positive experience and satisfaction they can get from the product increases, the cosmetics industry is creating an experiential beauty space where they can experience various functions of cosmetics/beauty products. It is targeting consumers with the concept of a flagship store, such as making, experience, and skin diagnosis services.

The original experience-type beauty shop, Sephora

Sephora is the origin of experiential beauty shops. Beauty shops have samples of all products they sell so customers can test them before purchasing. Even for products that are difficult to test directly at the store, such as foundation, lotion, and cleanser, a small amount is reduced with a sample so that customers can try it out before purchasing and decide.

In the Beauty Studio, a space for makeup in the store, professional makeup artists demonstrate products to customers and teach them how to use them, and provide various paid and free makeup services to membership customers.


Experience-based beauty lounge, Amore Seongsu

Amorepacific's experience-type beauty lounge 'Amore Seongsu', where you can experience 3,000 products from 30 brands, is a hot place that is emerging in 2030 and is located in Seongsu-dong, as its name suggests.

The Amore Seongsu building is a remodeling of an existing auto repair shop, and while maintaining the traces of its predecessor, it has completed a new feeling by adding natural elements. The biggest characteristic of Amore Seongsu is that only 'experience' is possible. Customers can experience the characteristic of Amore Seongsu as a 'simple experiential place' without any psychological burden.

In addition, cafes and rooftops were placed on the 2nd and 3rd floors to create a calm and warm atmosphere and to increase customer satisfaction. In addition, if you apply for the program on the Amore Seongsu website in advance, you can experience classes on various topics and a makeup service where you can receive makeup from a makeup expert.


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