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  • Microplastics: impact on the environment and the fetus

Microplastics: impact on the environment and the fetus - Bonne News

Microplastics are toxic to fetal development

Recall that the environment is also a life-threatening problem


Chemicals contained in plastics can seep into food and beverages and cause a variety of human health problems.

It has become clear over the years that the abuse of plastic is harmful. First, the production of plastics includes petroleum-based chemicals that are a major contributor to humanity's enormous carbon footprint, a driving force for climate change. Then, according to National Geographic, discarded plastic products destroy ecosystems and endanger animals, killing millions each year. Unfortunately, recycling alone cannot solve the problem. And almost 80% of plastic becomes plastic waste, even if it is theoretically recyclable.


The microplastics found in the human placenta are much smaller and invisible to the naked eye, but are part of a rapidly deteriorating pollution crisis.

Chemicals contained in plastics can seep into food and beverages and cause a variety of human health problems, such as cancer, reproductive problems, metabolic disorders, asthma and neurodevelopmental conditions. Environment International's study also points out that microplastics "could act as carriers for other chemicals, such as environmental pollutants and plastic additives, that can be released and known for their harmful effects." Although more research is needed to determine the effects of plastics on fetal development, the presence of plastics in the placenta is an urgent issue. In particular, Italian researchers are concerned that microplastics "may alter several cellular regulatory pathways in the placenta", which could interfere with embryo transfer, fetal growth and development, and maternal-fetal communication. All of these effects can lead to serious, long-lasting and potentially fatal health and developmental complications for both mother and child. Indeed, studies have shown that adverse pregnancy outcomes such as preeclampsia and fetal growth restriction can be traced to defects in early placental development.

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