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  • Deoxyarbutin

Deoxyarbutin - Bonne News

SCCS has concluded that the use of up to 3% Deoxyarbutin in face creams cannot be considered safe due to safety concerns raised with respect to the life cycle of products containing the substance. Deoxyarbutin is prohibited for use in cosmetics and should be added to the list of prohibited substances in Annex II of Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009. SCCS considered Dihydroxyacetone to be safe when used as a maintenance (non-oxidizing) hair dye ingredient up to a concentration of 6.25%. The SCCS also concluded that it is recommended to use Dihydroxyacetone as a hair coloring ingredient for maintenance (non-oxidizing) up to a maximum concentration of 6.25% with the use of self-tanning lotions and face creams. Dihydroxyacetone with a maximum concentration of 10% is also considered safe.

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