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  • Growth of ‘Clean Brand’ in the U.S.

Growth of ‘Clean Brand’ in the U.S. - Bonne News

As interest and consumer preference for ‘Clean Beauty’ increase in the United States, large brands set their own standards to launch Clean Beauty lines, and various small and medium-sized Clean brands are emerging. To meet consumer needs, retailers such as Follain, Credo, and Sephora are installing separate offline stands for the Clean brand and creating a Clean Beauty category on their website to increase consumer accessibility. In 2019, Natural brand and Clean brand accounted for 14% and 13% of Prestige Skin Care sales, and Clean brand sales grew by 39% compared to 2019. In the last four years, the sales and market size of the Clean brand has quadrupled, a remarkable growth compared to only 6% of total skin care sales in 2016. Larissa Jensen, Vice President of NPD Group and Beauty Industry Advisor, told COSMETICS BUSINESS that the Clean brand is educational and serves as a curation expert within the beauty industry. In addition, research firm Mintel predicted that the clean beauty industry will soon become the beauty industry in 2030.

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