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  • 6 Strategies for the Cosmetics Industry and the Next Generation of Sustainable Packaging

6 Strategies for the Cosmetics Industry and the Next Generation of Sustainable Packaging - Bonne News

6 Strategies for the Cosmetics Industry and the Next Generation of Sustainable Packaging.

According to Global Cosmetic Industry, in a recent beauty product purchasing survey, 64% of Americans answered that 'sustainability' is very important. In terms of sustainability, product raw materials and packaging received attention. These include : Plastic-neutral, Plastic-free, Refillable, Decarbonized, Recycled Content, and Enhanced Recyclability.


First of all, plastic neutrality can prevent environmental pollution by limiting the use of plastics. Being plastic neutral means that for every kilogram of plastic a brand uses, one kilogram is collected and recycled. This practice encourages recycling and a circular economy. For example, Inika Organics has been certified plastic neutral by Australia's Waste Revolution. Inika Organics is emerging as the world's first plastic-neutral makeup brand. 


Also, Plastic-Free means packaging that does not use plastic. The Italian brand Oway, for example, boasts 99% plastic-free packaging. In addition to this, refillable packaging is also gaining in popularity. Reusing packaging provides an opportunity to build long-term positive relationships with consumers. For example, Amika reduced its carbon footprint by 98.4% by using refillable packaging compared to traditional HDPE packaging. 


The fourth is Decarbonized. As an example of decarbonization, PET produced using origin technology is functionally equivalent to petroleum-based PET, but has a lower carbon footprint because it is made from sustainable wood residues that capture carbon. In addition, Origin PET can be recycled just like fossil-based PET within existing infrastructure, which helps create a circular economy with a significantly reduced carbon footprint. 


Fifth is Recycled Content. By specifying the contents of recycling, you can earn the trust of consumers. Rimmel London's products, for example, are made from 74% recyclable plastic and their brushes are made from 100% renewable bio-based fibers. By 2025, the company aims to achieve 100% of Rimmel packaging using recycled materials, recyclable, reusable or compostable. 


Finally, Enhanced Recyclability has emerged as a next-generation packaging strategy.

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