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  • Skin soothing products are wildly popular.

Skin soothing products are wildly popular. - Bonne News

Skin-soothing products are wildly popular


According to Beauty Nury (cosmetics newspaper), as a result of Google Trend analysis, 'acne' and 'trouble' showed high search volume as keywords related to masks between October and December of last year.


This is the effect of increasing the number of skin troubles due to the high UV index and increase in temperature. Skin exposed to UV light will show stinging and erythema production. In the industry, products containing soothing ingredients that take care of skin tired from the heat are filling the market. Here are five major players.


First, Physiogel introduces formula products containing PEBB CICA, a specialized soothing complex composed of cica ingredients that soothe dry and oily skin.


Next, ISOI introduced a soothing product in the form of a patch. It introduced products that can experience soothing effects through natural ingredients such as tea tree leaf oil, eoseongcho extract, and Centella asiatica extract, which are effective in soothing the skin.


Third, ‘Millimilly’ introduced a product that can be used as a soothing pack for cica and texture, as well as as a moisturizing and soothing pack containing tea tree leaf water.


Fourth, TonyMori introduced a product that helps to soothe the skin with synergistic care of Jirisan(mountain in Korea) eoseongcho and exorcica ingredients.


Lastly, Rataplan introduced a hypoallergenic serum containing 69.7% water parsley extract to reduce skin heat and replenish moisture.


As the period of wearing a mask increases, the cosmetics industry is gaining popularity by introducing products that help soothe the skin for sensitive skin.



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