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  • The changing needs of the MZ generation... About anti-aging and whitening!

The changing needs of the MZ generation... About anti-aging and whitening! - Bonne News

The changing needs of the MZ generation... About anti-aging and whitening...


According to Measure Commerce's 'K-beauty that the MZ generation is changing,' it was found that the MZ generation showed high interest in anti-aging and whitening, but avoided certain types of products. The MZ generation avoids sticky products and prefers lightweight products.


In the anti-aging market, products containing ‘Bakuchiol’ are gaining great popularity. Bakuchiol is attracting attention in many media as a next-generation early anti-aging ingredient.


Bakuchiol is an antioxidant found in Psoralea Corylifolia seeds. In North America, it was called the next-generation retinol and received attention. It reduces skin irritation, which is one of the disadvantages of retinol, and increases skin elasticity by helping collagen synthesis.


Bakuchiol Serum was known as the ‘crew serum’ to the 2030 generation, and searches and sales increased. In the past year, the number of searches for bakuchiol on YouTube worldwide has increased by 77% compared to the previous year.


Also, the MZ generation is very interested in the care of the delicate eye area. There was a lot of need for eye cream, and related keywords were ‘a lot of it’ and ‘care before bed’. There was a high preference for products that were applied before going to bed and received good makeup the next day.


Meanwhile, Measure Commerce analyzed 11,682 products registered with Olive Young from January to April this year. They looked at product rankings, keywords in detailed images, and user reviews. Based on this, the anti-aging and whitening cosmetics market changed by the MZ generation was presented.



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